Common Misconceptions People Have Regarding Roof Replacement

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For many homeowners, a time comes when replacing the roof of their home is no longer optional, it HAS TO be done. In case time has taken its toll on your roof, or you’ve experienced decay or weather-related damage that cannot be repaired, you must get a new roof to protect your home. The process of replacing your roof is a significant financial investment; so, the more efficient and error-free the execution, the better it is. Mistakes caused in the roof replacement process increase your bill and stretch the duration, thereby causing further inconvenience to your family. Furthermore, incorrect installation may also shorten your new roof’s lifespan.

When you’re looking to replace your roof, research is a homeowner’s best friend. In addition to doing your bit to choose the right roof replacement contractor, knowledge about the laws pertaining to insurance can make a vast difference between a successful project and one plagued with common mistakes. Do your due diligence regarding the project and increase the possibility that every decision is an effective one.

As you work through the research process, keep these five misconceptions in mind while getting your roof replaced:

1. “Companies can waive the deductible for the project.”
This has got to be one of the biggest misconceptions out there. Before 2019, companies could waive deductibles; however, in 2019, there was a law passed in the State of Texas requiring homeowners to pay their deductibles. Under the law, insurance companies can request proof of deductible payment and withhold the final release of the depreciation check if this proof is not provided. In addition to the insurance withholding the depreciation amount, violators can face up to a $2000 fine and up to 6 months in jail under the law. Homeowners should be aware of this law and its implications prior to signing with a contractor to ensure they cannot be held liable.

2. “All contractors are the same.”
When homeowners look for a roof replacement contractor, there are tough questions that should be asked. Not every contractor will operate in the same manner. Each company has different business practices that they follow that are unique to them. If the homeowner assumes that every contractor is the same, they limit their options in the specific level of work that can be done. By meeting with several contractors and asking open-ended questions, homeowners can find a contractor that meets their criteria and builds a relationship from the start.

3. “It is required to send your insurance bids from different contractors before you sign with one.”
Homeowners may feel compelled to get several different bids from different contractors and send them to their insurance before signing with a contractor; however, this is not a compulsion. The process where a contractor’s bid is sent to insurance to be discussed and negotiated is the supplementation phase. While not all contractors are the same and have different styles and work ethic, if there are additional items or work required for the roof, a supplement can be created and sent to the homeowner’s insurance company to be discussed until an agreement can be made. This gives the homeowner the ability to sign with the contractor they are the most comfortable and confident with. 

4. “Insurance covers everything, all the time.”
Depending on the level of damage and the scope of work, an insurance company will only cover so much. This is where a contractor can come in. The contractor can submit a supplement to the insurance and discuss the coverage of more items that should have been on the original report. However, if there is additional work or upgrades that the homeowner wants done outside the scope of work covered by the insurance, there will be additional costs to the homeowner that the insurance will not cover. Homeowners need to be aware of what their policies cover and what may fall to them as out-of-pocket costs. Asking questions is critical.

5. “The insurance has already subtracted the deductible from the estimated total that they provide the homeowner.”
While it is true that the check(s) that the homeowner receives for the insurance claim is the bulk of the estimate, the deductible is, in fact, a part of the total price given. The total amount given by insurance, including the deductible, is the estimated replacement cost for the claim filed. Homeowners should read the estimate thoroughly and ask questions to better understand the estimated cost of the complete job.

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